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Profile: Matthew Vegara

Place of Birth: Guam

Nationality: Philippine / AmericanLanguage: English / Tagalog

Age: 26

Weight: 160 lbs.

Residence: Los Angeles  

     Life is loaded with many pleasant surprises. DC Stewart Nutrition Labs would like to introduce our valuable viewers and customers to DC Power fitness athlete Matthew Vergara. 

     Matthew is our inaugural DC Power fitness trainee using DC Power supplements. Matthew is 26 years of age and he hails from a US territory in Micronesia from the island of Guam. Matthew’s handsome looks and sex appeal combined with his rock hard muscular body, packs the total DC Power punch. 

     Matthew is an aspiring bodybuilder and the very first DC Power athlete. Matthew trains hard and plays hard, while he regularly uses DC Power supplement products. 

     Matthew is a naturally gifted athlete with great genetics, paired with a very disciplined training regimen.  Matthew is a United States veteran, who spent five years in the Marine Corps. He served his country well with dignity, admiration, and honor.  DC is very passionate in his support of US military veterans and their families. Matthew is the epitome of a true All American patriot. He became interested in body sculpting and workouts during his time in Marine Corps. 

    The United States Marine Corps training has one of the most rigorous basic training programs of all service branches. 

Matthew leads by example with a high intensity workout program and his results are very impressive. In the last few years, Matthew has dialed up his training routines with high explosive workouts. He complemented his program with a strict low carbohydrate diet. On average Matthew spends about two hours in the gym hitting specific body parts hard.

Matthew is currently a full time student at Los Angeles City College. He loves to enjoy life, travel, and explore every inch of the human body.  His plans are to attend UCLA; in the fall of 2017. He’s studying computer science with a minor in graphics design. Matthew enjoys hanging out with his friends and traveling to new places.

    When he’s not at school or work, you can find him at the gym as he aspires to earn an IFBB bodybuilding pro card. Studying for class consumes most of his time lately, so getting in the gym has generated a more motivated approach since school has started. He has resided in Los Angeles for almost 3 years now. After realizing he had been working out and not seeing any real improvement over the last 2 years, he had to change things up. 

    Matthew began studying the Bodybuilding Encyclopedia and he is putting forth new training methods from the knowledge he attained. He’s increased his regime to 2-a-days and having more discipline in his diet and life. 

 Workout Day One: Breakfast meal 1: bowl of cereal, three egg whites, and toast. Beginning the morning with 5 capsules of DC Power Fat burner. Add 1 soft gel of DC Power CLA.  Add 1 pint of bottled Spring Water.

Day One: Lunch 1: Two bowls of white rice, a Chicken Breast and one bowl of mixed Green salad. Wash it down with a Whey Isolate Protein shake. Add 1 pint of bottled Spring Water.

Workout Day One: Dinner 2: 20-30 grams of tender beef or skinless chicken, breast. Add one bowl of brown rice and 20-30 grams of wheat noodle. End your day with 5 capsules of DC Power Fat burner. Add one full serving with 1 soft gel of DC Power CLA. This equals one full dosage daily.  1 pint of bottled Spring Water.

Matthew is an instant rising fitness star!

Ask Matthew anything regarding his workouts or diet. Feel free to drop him a message anytime at:



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