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DC Stewart

Visionary Owner

DC Stewart is the owner of DC Stewart Nutrition Labs based in Los Angeles, California. DC’s business concept was made a reality in June 2016, when he attended a past Sports Nutrition Expo. DC Stewart Nutrition labs gives back and helps humankind understand the importance of quality nutrition. The old saying you are what you eat is pivotal to mankind’s existence and a long quality life. DC has dedicated his life to helping people live a balanced life internally and externally.  According to DC the key to an extended life is to exercise and consume fresh healthy foods and supplements. DC started working out twenty years ago, which enhanced his quality of life with a healthy mind and body. DC Stewart has served twenty-one years in the travel industry with eight years in mid-level management.  He firmly believes resting well, and eating well adds a special dynamic in a person’s life.

DC received his certificate in Paralegal studies from, The University Of Miami division of Continuing & International Education in June 2016.

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